Resource file not found for SharePoint Application

We had migrated one of our development application to our production environment which is on internet side. We deployed everything in the SharePoint environment and when we tried accessing the application, we were getting the strange error.
"Resource object with key Keyname not found".

We cross checked with the App_LocalResources folder in inetpub for SharePoint Application. But we could see the resource file and the needed resource key.

Resource with key not found
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  • We had given the alternate access mapping to the internet site.
  • But the port which we had given was not 80 port it was 1489.
  • We copied the resource file to App_LocalResource folder of the 80 folder and found that the error is gone.
  • What we understood is that even if we give the alternate mapping in an internet facing SharePoint application, by default resource file will be looking for the resource folder of 80 Port.


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